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Shorten sales cycles
drive sales

Win and manage key accounts

Build your sales playbooks and share winning strategies across the team

 use our customizable tools for your sales team to succeed and make an impact

Strategically engage with big prospects and key clients

Land new accounts with client-specific gameplans which are based on robust strategic analysis

Craft your strategies

End-to-end tools to build sound sales strategies

Develop winning gameplans with co-ordinated approaches to key accounts

Understand the prospect

Manage key stakeholders to drive the deal forward

Develop a solution which meets key needs and strengthens relationships

Deal with competitors

Be ready for different scenarios

Manage the strategy to reach goals and ailign with organizational objectives

Build sales intelligence

Get persective across your portfolio of key accounts

See winning trends, identify hotspots and monitor performance


Every team is different
tailored tools

For your team's ways of closing sales

Customized views, presentations and micro-coaching

plus : improved productivity and integrations with your systems


Win with a strategic edge

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sales-strategies tool

brought to you with the North American Association of Sales Engineers   

    this special edition includes guidance and insights from

renowned sales and marketing expert  Peter Strohkorb

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Our expertise lies in building no-code development technology for everyone to use.

Our tech boosts office productivity and lets business owners, process owners and knowledge workers build technical tools to be more effective.

We host webinars to show you how to get the most from your tools and how to tailor them.

Promotions are available to subscribers and include access to subject-matter experts and consultants.

We partner with industry associations, publications and experts to bring added benefits to users.

Contact us to co-create industry-specific tools with relevant content.

Discounted rates for training and support are available to educational bodies and non-profit organizations.

Reach out to us if you think that we can make a difference with you.

Your data is in your control and we don't host it or store it. Our tools work locally on your PC within the security of Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint.

Basic user information is used to start the tools and optimize services.

Made in Cape Town